Put A Ring On It! #TarajiPHenson ENGAGED to NFL star #KelvinHayden! [details]


We would be remiss if we did not CONGRATULATE Taraji P. Henson on her RECENT engagement!!! For some reason, In my mind I feel like I know HER! I’ve followed her career for sometimes and always ROOTED for her success. Right now, she is living her BEST LIFE and appears to be OVER the MOON ecstatic at her recent engagement to former Super Bowl-winning NFL star Kelvin Hayden. Henson took to INSTAGRAM to show off her IMPRESSIVE rock!

Though Hayden hasn’t addressed the exciting news yet on social media, he did post a photo of himself and Henson enjoying a glass of wine to his Instagram story on Sunday night. Taraji is 47 and Hayden is 34, but that’s ALRIGHT BY US! We are ROOTING for these too and the little AGE gap doesn’t matter ONE BIT! Just make sure you treat our favorite ‘Cookie’ in the cookie jar RIGHT!

With the UPCOMING nuptials, at least Taraji won’t have to change any MONOGRAMS she has ‘TPH’ still REIGNS! At the recent Fox Upfronts, Henson detailed how Hayden POPPED the QUESTION!

WE ARE LOVING this and BEST WISHES! Hopefully there is a BIG wedding so we can POST the PHOTOS here on #TheGamutt, RIGHT!? RIGHT!!



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