#MondayMotivation: #RickeySmiley gives SOUND encouragement for the UNDERAPPRECIATED’ [vid]

It’s MONDAY!! Another WORK WEEK ahead, but while you are WORKING towards a GOAL, a little MOTIVATION can go a long way.  This hit me when I saw it and I had to share.  Not everybody is going to get you right away.  What you maybe STRIVING towards may seem so UNATTAINABLE to the person looking from the outside, but it may make PERFECT SENSE to you in your mind.  You may not know how you are going to achieve it, but you know that you will  and until you do, people may look at your cross-eyed, but Rickey Smiley shed some light on an ISSUE I actually was dealling with–feeling APPRECIATIATED. Sometimes I would feel like ‘WHY EVEN CONTINUE on my path–Is anybody listening, does anybody even CARE?’  I write, I try to make a POINT and get information out but it feels like it falls on DEAF EARS at times. SOmetimes it takes SO MUCH out of me to keep this BLOG going, or to continue my pursuit at ACTING, because it feels ALL efforts or THWARTED and  not appreciated.. but Rickey’s words made me SUCK it up and PRESS on another day.  I may have to REVISIT this a FEW MORE TIMES before I get to where I am trying to go, but for NOW, I have a RENEWED spirit…. This was his MESSAGE of ENCOURAGEMENT for those that feel UNAPPRECIATED!
Rickey Smiley Gives Words Of Encouragement For People Who Don’t Feel Appreciated [EXCLUSIVE]
This SPOKE to me…


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