#HappyBirthday! #Apple #iMac turns 20! The 8 ways they changed COMPUTING. [vid]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY G3!! That’s right, Apple’s iMac G3 was introduced on this day ion 1998!!  Seems like just YESTERDAY, right??

Check out the 8 ways Apple changed computing:

8. iMac: It killed beige
Before the iMac, personal computer enclosures were stuck in a design rut. Most manufacturers produced beige or gray metal boxes, each designed as a merely functional piece of equipment instead of an aesthetically pleasing creative tool. The iMac’s design shattered the status quo with its preference for gentle curves over harsh corners, and for vibrant color over dull neutrality. Apple even coined a new term, “Bondi Blue”—a blue-green hue named after Australia’s Bondi Beach shoreline—to describe the color of its new machine. Combined with an ice-white pinstripe pattern, the color scheme create a stunning enclosure theretofore unseen in the PC world. It made quite an impact on the public, but that was only the beginning.

7-1 can be found HERE!


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