#Bubble: A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Bubble


Coming from down under
You thought it was rain
But it was just the
Rising ever so slowly
My rise to the top is evident
Even though you treat me poorly
Fahrenheit rises
The ones keeping you under
Are your ‘friends’ that really are

On simmer
Making plans and taking notes
Bubbling under
Coming on strong
It’s just a matter of time
Not before too long
The fruits of your labor
Will be at the bounty of harvest
The pitfalls
And stumbling blocks along the way
Will prove just a mere Test

Test of your mortal fortitude.
Do you have what it takes to sustain
The slings and arrows
Closer the finish line
The lanes tend to narrow
Making it hard to pass on the left
Do you have anymore to give
It all depends on your depth
Depth of character
Goes a mighty long way
Sometimes they get here
But it’s only for a day
You wish for seasons
Many seasons of bounty
Right on the bubble
Almost clenching the gold
Right on the bubble
It’s your race to win or yours to lose
Chose one.
When you get there your
10,000 mile journey
Will appear as success overnight
But we all know the real
The long sleepless nights
The tears
The confusion
The angst
The self doubt
It all compounds in the late of night
When all the action and the actors
Have called a final encore
And your are left alone
Gleaming and bewildered
On the bubble

Don’t cry without trying.
Don’t die without

-Zam Zhinga

I may revisit this later….


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