#BenStiller #MartinShort #JimmyFallon, #ScarlettJohansson and #StormyDaniels cameo in #SNL COLD OPEN! [vid]


‘Saturday Night Live’ PROVES they still have ‘THE STUFF’ that has kep them around for over 45 years!  Still funny, still fresh and STILL POIGNANT as they get political as they’ve been known to SOAR at–taking ON of course Donald Trump!

The cold open that featured some very special guests, including Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Jimmy Fallon, Scarlett Johansson and Stormy Daniels went a bit like this:

The sketch started with Stiller returning as Michael Cohen to call Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump to fret about being found out because of their collusion and obstruction of justice.

“How are you holding up in prison?” Baldwin’s Trump asked. When Stiller’s Cohen said he wasn’t in prison, Baldwin’s Trump responded “Oh well, give it a couple of weeks.”

After Stiller’s Cohen expressed concern over how to fix things, Baldwin’s Trump suggested getting Rudy Giuliani on the phone because “he has one of the sharpest minds since ‘My Cousin Vinny.’”

full sketch:

FUNNIEST COLD OPEN I’ve seen in a while!


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