#AtlantaFX stars #DonaldGlover #LakeithStanfield & #BrianTyreeHenry dance to #TLC’s ‘Creep in deleted scene! [vid]


As if this show was not DOPE enough, the deleted scenes are even more so. If you recall the latest episode of ‘Atlanta’ found Paperboi and crew performing at a college ‘PAJAMA JAM’ clad in SILKY PJ’s. The whole scene harkened back to the iconic movie ‘Houseparty’, but when I saw Al, Earn and Darius’ gear, my mind IMMEDIATELY went to TLC’s stylish and ICONIC ‘Creep’ video.

Well in a DELETED scene that executive producer and director, Hiro Murai decided to GIFT to the fans, we see the TRIO bustin’ a move to the UBER-POPULAR song by TLC!


We are gonna let the LOVELY LADIES of TLC continue to do these moves, but it was GREAT seeing the GUYS attempt them. I am sure TLC appreciated that little HOMAGE. This would’ve been DOPE to include in the episode. But as we’ve seen this season, this may have been a bit too LITERAL, and nothing thus far as been that forthcoming. There are always LEVELS of understanding that must TAKE PLACE to dissect ‘ATLANTA’ and we wouldn’t love it any other way!


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