Production HALTED on #KimZolciak’s ‘Tardy for the Party’! [details]



Kim Zolciak of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ fame has been taking a LOT of HEAT after the EXPLOSIVE reunion just a few days ago. If you recall, Kim was the CENTER of a barrage of racist accusations causing her to have a MELTDOWN backstage shortly after the taping wrapped.

Kim made an ILL-WORDED comment about racism and social media that has a lot of people up in arms.  If you missed that REVISIT for a minute:

“This whole racism thing in this day in age is B*LLSH*T. Everyone of those m*therf*ckers on that couch owe this world a fucking apology for this racism shit,” Zolciak-Biermann said. “They already tried to claim that shit long ago. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn’t there and racism wasn’t f*ckin all that real. You know it.”

Well as a RESULT of all the BACKLASH from her time on the show and the reunion comments, PRODUCTION of her reality show has HALTED.  “Tardy for the Party” had wrapped season 6 in December and was in production for season 7 until this came up.

According to UsWeekly, Kim and her team have decided to stop taping as they deal with this FALL-OUT.

“Kim and her team have halted all production for Don’t Be Tardy while her lawyers have been working around the clock to investigate and deal with the final episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion,” one source says. A second insider adds, “Kim has pulled the plug on filming. She’s very upset about the entire situation.”

During her backstage meltdown, she tried to BLAME Andy Cohen, host of the reunion and ‘Housewives’ E.P. for her narrative on the show and for him not ‘standing up for her’ in the midst of all the back and forth with the cast.  Cohen was QUICK to remind her:

“How much can a person take? There wasn’t even one positive question for me,” Zolciak told Cohen, 49, who responded, “There was nothing positive, unfortunately, in your story from the season. It was all combative.”


And this is true.  Kim knew that her time on the show was limited, so each scene she shot, she seemed to make the most VOLATILE comments about almost EVERY cast member at some point in the season.   It was almost as if she went into each scene saying to herself, ‘Ok, I have a limited amount of time I am going to give this show, so let me make as much drama as I can so I can collect my check and go home.’.  That’s what her time on camera seemed like.

No word on when taping will RESUME, but after her appearance on ‘Real Housewives’, I am sure some are viewing Kim a little differently.  With the BACKLASH still in full fever pitch, Bravo may even be seeing Kim’s VALUE on the network diminish.  I am almost POSITIVE that if it were a woman or person of COLOR that brought this type  of unwanted attention to the organization, you’d better believe the network would PULL THE PLUG on it.   But we will see how all this plays out…




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