#TMZ responds to #TiffanyHaddish’s railing of their cameraman for not helping her with her luggage! [vid]


Do you REMEMBER last week when comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish RAILED on TMZ’s camera guy for not helping her and her friend with their luggage. In case you forgot, revisit that here!


Well TMZ has RESPONDED to Tiffany’s TIRADE…

This WAS funny…pure UNADULTERATED TIFFANY! I mean she’s a COMEDIAN so part of it I’m sure was COMEDY, but you know there is some TRUTH in JEST. I mean, if it was ME, and I was the cameraman, I would’ve helped, recorded some of it and made a GREAT story out of it, and Tiffany seemed very OPEN to talk to TMZ, so it would have been a GOOD LOOK for them both.

So now TMZ is RESPONDING but I don’t quite think they get it..well Harvey at least does not get it. MIND YOU, he made SURE to get one of his BLACK employees to stand up for him, but as you will see that didn’t work out to his favor. Take a look at their response:

NOW HOW are you going to sit and WATCH two women pack all their luggage up and not lift a finger, then turn around and try to get an interview? C’mon man! NOW GRANTED, it is not his ‘JOB’ per se to do so, but it would have been COURTEOUS to at least OFFER. Harvey’s sidekick said if it were a WHITE lady, she could use her ‘WHITE PRIVILEGE’ to get by–THAT WAS funny because it was kinda true. I believe that if it were a white female celeb, the cameraman would’ve obliged to help without even a 2nd thought. Not trying to make it race thing but it is what it is… Sometimes without even realizing it, we prejudge situations and react accordingly not knowing the RHYME or REASON. Should he be SUSPENDED? No. But next time he sees a woman of ANY COLOR in need of help..just at least OFFER.

The whole exchange is still comedic GOLD thought?


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