#JCole’s #KOD SHATTERS #Drake’s streaming record on #AppleMusic & MORE! [details]


J.Cole is out here BREAKING records and SNATCHING trophies! Cole’s  ‘K.O.D.’ just dropped and of course the STREAMS were through the roof!

[via: Billboard]
With his album KOD garnering 64.5 million streams in its first 24 hours in the U.S., J. Cole set a new record on Apple Music for most album streams in 24 hours, eclipsing Drake’s Views by almost a million streams, according to Apple, while his album clocked a record 36.7 million first-day streams on Spotify in the U.S.

Apple Music’s subscribers stream more hip-hop on average than do Spotify’s more than 71 million paying subscribers; Cole now owns seven of Apple’s ten most-streamed songs in a 24-hour period.

Helping Cole break Drake’s record is Apple Music’s fast-growing subscriber base, now at 40 million paying customers. When Views was released in 2016, Apple Music counted about 13 million paying subscribers.

Apple Music’s subscribers also stream more hip-hop on average than do Spotify’s more than 71 million paying subscribers.

As previously reported, “KOD,” the album’s title track, also broke Spotify’s opening day record for streams in the U.S. The cut earned 4.2 million streams in 24 hours, beating out Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.”

KOD, which stands for Kids on DrugsKing Overdosed, and Kill Our Demons, dropped on Friday (April 20). It’s also expected to top the Billboard 200 in its opening week.


CONGRATS definitely in order for J.Cole!!




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