Is there still HOPE for #SATC3!? #SJP is NOT ruling it out! Talks #KimCattrall ‘FEUD’! [details]


Fans of the UBER popular ‘Sex and The City’ franchise had their hopes DASHED last year when we found out that there was a SCRIPT being prepared for a 3rd movie, but Kim Cattral was the STALEMATE in the PROJECT being shelved INDEFINITELY.  We are even more  BUMMED out when it appeared that there was a PUBLIC dispute between Cattrall and her fellow cast-mates, namely Sarah Jessica Parker.  Fast forward to 2018 and the conversation has come up again.  SJP went on record saying that there was no public BEEF with her and her co-star Cattrall and that the ladies have not DEFINITELY ruled out a 3rd movie!  HERE is what she had to say in an ALL NEW interview.

“I’ve always held Kim’s work in high regard and always appreciative of her contributions. If she chooses not to do the third movie, there’s not a lot I can do to change her mind and we must respect it,” Parker said in a new interview with Vulture, when asked about the prospect of a SATC reunion with Cattrall, who played Samantha Jones on the popular series and film franchise.

She added, speaking of co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis, “The three of us have shared our disappointment that we’re not making that movie, not just on our behalf but our crew, but also just the people that have been vocal about wanting to see it.”

Still, not all hope is lost. Parker revealed that another installment of SATC has not been completely ruled out.

“Whether we choose to revisit it at another time and reimagine that story — that’s something [director] Michael [Patrick King] and I just haven’t talked about yet, that doesn’t mean we won’t, but we haven’t at this time,” Parker said.

Parker, who portrayed Carrie Bradshaw in the HBO hit, said she does not harbor any ill will towards Cattrall.

“I’d just like to remind everybody that there is no catfight. I have never uttered an unkind, unsupportive, unfriendly word so I would love to redefine it,” Parker said of her former costar.

“I also want to remind everybody that there were four women on the set and I spent equal time with all of them, so this was not a set with two women who didn’t get along,” she added referring to her other costars, Davis, who played Charlotte York, and Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes.

“I’ve never fought with someone publicly in my life, nor would I. And I spent time with all of the women on the set. People need to recall that it wasn’t just two women on the set fighting because that just never happened,” continued the Divorce actress.

“We are enormously proud of what we got to do and I don’t want someone sharing thoughts publicly, which is Kim’s right to do and that is what it is, but we spent 10, 12 years of our life doing something that I really loved and I feel privileged to be part of and I don’t want this to eclipse it or change its experience for that audience that was so good to us for so long,” she concluded.

In a January 2017 interview with PEOPLE, Cattrall played coy on the possibility of another SATC film, saying she wasn’t sure what the next story would be, or if they’d be able to get the cast back together again eight years after filming the second movie.

However, she did offer a glimmer of hope when she said she missed making people laugh, just as she did in SATC. “Are we still relevant? That would be the reason to come back,” she said. “I really miss making people laugh, I so enjoy that.” [via People]

Let’s hope the ladies can work SOMETHING out and bring the SATC franchise to a FITTING CLOSE. DO IT FOR THE FANS…and I’m sure the PAYCHECK will be HUGE! Are you still relevant!? In the words of Mr. BIG, ‘Ab-SO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!’


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