WATCH: #AtlantaFX season 2 ep 8 ‘Woods’ [full ep]


It is believed wealth has something to do with Paper Boi’s attitude.

This week, Atlanta explores the trappings of fame as Paper Boi attempts to navigate his own life, which is stuck somewhere between local celebrity and as another struggling man in the city. It opens with the rapper asleep on the couch getting nagged by his mother. When he finally leaves the house, he hangs out with a woman bothering him about his public image. This has long been something Paper Boi has been struggling with: his public persona as a successful rapper, and his private persona as a regular guy. He grapples with depression, anxiety, and money problems—all topics that hip-hop music rarely addresses.

He walks out on his not-girlfriend when she tries to take a photo of him during a fake-ass pedicure and ends up shuffling home on foot. On a lonely stretch of road, Paper Boi comes across a group of kids arguing about Star Wars. In an instant—like it did in this season’s opening sceneAtlanta flips from the innocent to hostile. When Paper Boi’s interaction with the young fans grows uncomfortable, they try to rob him at gunpoint. He fights back, taking one of them down after they get off a few punches. With one kid on the ground, he takes off into the woods. Paper Boi is suddenly lost in the trees and comes across a homeless man who speaks in riddles and prophecies—or maybe he’s just high. As day turns to night, the homeless man continues to follow Paper Boi. The rapper sits on a tree stump ready to give up.

“You better stand up and make a decision about how you getting out of here,” the man says before pulling out a box cutter and putting it to Paper Boi’s throat. “Keep standing still you’re gone boy. You’re wasting time. And the only people who got time are dead. And if you’re dead I’m gonna take your shoes, and your wallet, and that shirt.”

A tear goes down Paper Boi’s cheek as he makes a decision: “Okay,” he says.

He chooses to go for it. And in the final scene, when a kid in the gas station asks Paper Boi for a photo, the rapper agrees. Covered in blood, he finally leans into the fame thing—an indication that he’s going to take an active role in advancing his career.

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