#Starbucks manager called police 2 minutes after the arrested black men arrived for their meeting! [details]


How long doe sit take the average person to order something at Starbucks?  I mean 4 to minutes or so if they are not slow, if they are busy it could be longer.  Well apparently after 2 minutes with no order, the cops can be called on you…according to the manager at the Philadelphia Starbucks at the ROOT of the arrest of the two black men that we have been talking about as of late.[revisit that HERE]

The two men’s identities have been released.  

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A Philadelphia Starbucks manager called the cops on two black men just two minutes after they entered and sat down for a business meeting, it was revealed Thursday.

Nelson, left, and Robinson, right, recounted sitting down at the Starbucks for a meeting, only to be led away in handcuffs. (JACQUELINE LARMA/AP)

Rashon Nelson said he was confused when three cops began talking to him and longtime friend Donte Robinson inside the coffee house one week ago.

“Well, initially as soon as they approached us, they just say we have to leave,” Nelson said Thursday on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” “There was no question of, ‘Was there a problem here between you guys and a manager, what happened?’”

Cellphone video of the two men getting arrested went viral, sparking protests and a swift response from the Seattle-based java giant.

The 23-year-old Philadelphia entrepreneurs, who said they feared for their lives during the arrest, had not been publicly identified until Thursday and were not charged with a crime.

They arrived about 10 minutes early for a meeting with local businessman Andrew Yaffe to chat an ongoing real estate deal.

Nelson recalled asking the manager to use the bathroom after he and Robinson arrived at the Starbucks. She denied him access because he hadn’t ordered anything, Nelson said on “GMA.”

Nelson sat down at the table with Robinson – his friend since the fourth grade – as the pair waited for Yaffe, who’s white.

That’s when the manager came over and asked if they were ordering anything, they said, and phoned the cops when the pair told her they were waiting to meet someone.

“We were there for a real reason, a real deal that we were working on,” Robinson told the Associated Press. “We were at a moment that could have a positive impact on a whole ladder of people, lives, families. So I was like, ‘No, you’re not stopping that right now.’”

Yaffe, the man they were supposed to sit down with, arrived as cops were arresting the men.

Robinson said they were never read their rights or initially told why they were being arrested.  Nelson added that he wasn’t sure if he’d make it out of the situation in one piece.

“Anytime I’m encountered by cops, I can honestly say it’s a thought that runs through my mind,” Nelson said. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

But Robinson and Nelson stayed calm, believing any kind of protest would be fruitless.

“When you know that you did nothing wrong, how do you really react to it,” he told the AP. “You can either be ignorant or you can show some type of sophistication and act like you have class. That was the choice we had.”

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson rushed to Philadelphia in a marathon of damage control, during which time he met with Nelson and Robinson.

“They didn’t deserve that,” he said during a Tuesday night CNN appearance of the pair’s treatment, adding it “should not have happened.”

Starbucks Chair Howard Schultz confirmed Wednesday the unidentified manager parted ways with the Seattle-based coffee giant.

“I think you have to say, in looking at the tape, that she demonstrated her own level of unconscious bias, and in looking at the tape, you ask yourself whether or not that in fact was racial profiling,” he said during an appearance on “CBS This Morning.”

But he didn’t think the woman’s end goal was to see the men wind up in cuffs.

“I don’t think she intended when she made the call for police to arrive and arrest the two young men,” the caffeine mogul said. “I think she probably thought police were going to talk to the men about what they were doing and why they were there.”

Attorney Stewart Cohen said on “GMA” that Nelson and Robinson met with Starbucks earlier this week. They’ve agreed to go into mediation, which will be headed by a retired Philadelphia federal judge, the lawyer added.

Nelson said he hopes people will walk away from their ordeal by taking action, and “help people understand that it’s not just a black people thing.”

“This is a people thing,” he said. “That’s exactly what we want to see out of this, and that’s true change. So put action into place and stop using your words.”

Schultz and the unnamed manager are still full of it if you ask me. If you call the cops on BLACK men or people of color PERIOD simply for being there, your INTENT already is that you want them NOT TO BE THERE. Rather she meant for them to be arrested or not, they were and in her MIND that was her END GAME.  And the chair for the company is in essence cosigning this, as he phrased it, ‘biased decision’.  No, let’s call it what it was, RACISM.  I’ve sat in a STARBUCKS for HOURS working on my blog and I’ve seen white people come in, not order and stay all day and nothing is ever said to them.  Granted, I was not arrested during that time, but I knew i had to ORDER something or else they would have a problem with me being there.  I don’t even like coffee, but I ordered so there would be no PROBLEMS.  It’s sad we have to think or behave this way, but it’s just the way of the world, I suppose.  But it’s going to change.  It has to.



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