#JCole REVEALS album cover and tracklist for ‘K.O.D.’! Who is #KillEdward?? [details]


Forever the STORYTELLER, J.Cole paints a VIVID story out on his latest album cover for ‘K.O.D.’  On the cover he is depicted as a KING as children peak out from under his robe doing various forms of recreational drugs.  This plays well into what his TRILOGY of album titles stand for:  Kids on Drugs, King Overdose and Kill Our Demons.

The cover art for the project features a disclaimer that reads “This album is in no way intended to glorify addiction”. But of course if you can not shine a LIGHT on a problem, how can we begin to ERADICATE said problem, right? Right. So if that was not enough to QUELL the excitement about the new project, he has also revealed the tracklisting as well! Check out what’s DROPPING:


J. Cole’s KOD Tracklist

1. “Intro”
2. “KOD”
3. “Photograph”
4. “The Cut Off” Featuring Kill Edward
5. “ATM”
6. “Motives”
7. “Kevin’s Heart”
9. “Once An Addict (Interlude)”
10. “FRIENDS” Featuring Kill Edward
11. “Window Pain (Outro)”
12. “1985 (Intro to The Fall Out)”

The project has one ‘feature’–Kill Edward. Fans speculate as to just who Kill Edward is..



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