#CHURCHBEEF! #AndrewCaldwell gets DRAGGED by the #CussingPastor! [vid]


Andrew Caldwell, you know the PARISHIONER that FAMOUSLY  proclaimed he was ‘DELIVERT’ from the sin of HOMOSEXUALITY.  Well since then, he has gone on may a TIRADE about various TOPICS and even CLAIMED he had a SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with former Pittsburgh Steeler standout, Cordell Stewart.  That claim went to COURT and Caldwell lost but that is another story…you can GOOGLE that old news if you care enough. [revisit that HERE]  But NOW, Caldwell has his sights set on another PUBLIC figure.  Have you heard of the #CussingPastor?  He has become VERY POPULAR on social media for his COMEDIC, yet, religious TAKE on topics, but he is a bit UNORTHODOX in his delivery, he cusses, swears and everything else SOME think PASTORS shouldn’t do, but he has and has acquired QUITE a following from it.  Well Andrew does not like it and decided to PICK a fight with him.  His name is  Thaddeus A. Matthews and he hails from Tennessee in case you were wondering.

Here is just a LITTLE TASTE of the Cussing Pastor:

Caldwell took offense to Matthews and posted about it!

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#andrewcaldwell vs #thecussingpastor (swipe)

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Do you REALLY think The Cussing Pastor was not going to CLAP BACK…and CLAPPED BACK HARD!!!

He said that Andrew was a SWEATING, FLAMING HOMOSEXUAL!! LOL, I was about to stop BREATHING I was laughing so hard. No Andrew has picked fights with people in the PAST, but he has picked the RIGHT ONE this time! INDEED!

This whole CHURCH BEEF has inspired a seminar….

STAY TUNED…this is gonna get even more WRECKLESS–LOL!


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