#Song: A Poem



via Daily Prompt: Song


Come together
Command the respect attention of the masses

Soak it all in.
Dig deep down into the depths of your being and
Belt out your Soul
The power of SONG.

The story
The Struggle
The pain
The sun and the rain
Painted, quilted, memorialized in SONG.

I sing therefore I am
I am the song of the sick the weak the brave
The Forgotten
The enslaved
The song of the free, the proud, the unapologetically BLACK
The yellow the brown and the majority…
It unites us
It’s the thread in the needle that weaves the TAPESTRY that is US.

The one true thing that you don’t have to know the language
But the SONG still will be heard and felt and revered.
Bridging the gap, overcoming the barriers
And uniting the masses
Whether mired in the muck
Or seeing it through rose-colored glasses
It is rhythmic and melodic and smooth
Yet rough
Slow but fast
Yet adagio
It is SONG

The bird in the cage knows it
Though not able to fly
It still knows what flight is’
Just because it does and we do
We sing because we are happy
We sing because we are blue
So many different voices..no water what the hue
The tones meld well
The harmonies are all new
This song is for the People
This song is for you.

The horns
The bass
Drums drumming
Cymbals clashing
It’s the announcement that you are here and here is where you plan to stay
Captivating the minds and spirits of all
In ear range of your SONG.

It is the indeed the cry of the wounded
The call of the abandoned
The song of the forgotten
Until today
You will remember my song and
Praise me even when I’m

-Zam Zhinga

Just a LITTLE something that came to mind….



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