#NickiMinaj gets EMOTIONAL talking about #Quavo & CardiB and the ‘MotorSport’ debacle! [vid]


We all KNOW that when the whole ‘Motorsport’ song came out and we FOUND OUT Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were BOTH on the record–FANS were ECSTATIC!  The two FEMCEES that are really RUNNING the game right now on one TRACK–EPIC right?  But when the video came out and we see the TWO queens NOT sharing a SINGLE scene in the video, the NARRATIVE quickly went to Nicki was the ‘MEAN GIRL’, she was the ‘IT GIRL’ that felt she was ‘TOO GOOD’ to be in light of a ‘lesser’ artist. These are all MISCONCEPTIONS on what we have come to know Nicki as.

There has been an ONGOING narrative to PAINT Nicki Minaj out as the RAPPER that’s hard to deal with, that only wants the LIGHT to shine their way.  Nicki is here to CHANGE that narrative and to shed light on the TRUTH.  She spoke to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 about friction with Cardi B and Migos over their “Motorsport” collaboration.  She even has the RECEIPTS in the form of TEXTS to Quavo about the situation that made it LOOK like she was being that ‘MEAN GIRL’.  Nicki gets EMOTIONAL talking about the situation.






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