#Glimmer: A Poem [details]


via Daily Prompt: Glimmer


A race began..
From then it was a journey
Did you know
Then what you know now?
But the race was on
And the obstacles would be many.
Forever chasing
Excelling sometimes stumbling
Falling even

The road was Riley
But flat and the gravel was lose at times.
Traction was not always on your side
But from then on, it was a chase.
Who can outrun
Who can outsmart
The chase is on
And you’ve been running ever since.

If there is a Glimmer of hope
You keep going
The soles are worn.
Some souls were lost

Tears fell, fall and will fall again
The eager turtles dart in and out
Occasionally coming to the surface
If they can live in filthy bywaters
And still go on
So can you.
It’s that’s glimmer that guides your path.
If you see a faintest of light
You have to chase it.

It’s your way out.
The lights are short
The days are long
It’s a race with yourself
To get THERE.

And once you are
You will be where
You be.
Some you pass won’t ever make it
Some will get there before you.
But if there is a glimmer of hope
You have to take a chance
This is no easy task
Sometimes happenstance
But if you don’t race the wind
You will never know how far to the left you can bend
And still not fall.
It’s like a reed.

Leaning over so far at the gale force winds
But never snapping
It’s there at the end
It’s going to happen
Believe it
Trust the journey
Carry the message.

People will laud your story.
Or at least be moved to race themselves too
Ignite that glimmer of hope in others
And the trials will be all worth it.
False starts
False prophets
Near misses
Shady dealings
Cloak and dagger kisses
With fingers crossed.
Change of management
Change of boss
Same story
Just a fresh coat of paint
A little new gloss, but the lies can be seen in between the truth
So keep moving and bypass the the deceptive detours and keep chasing that Glimmer.

I wish you well

I wish you Hevean

I wish you love, learning and healing

I tell my younger self to learn to trust

Learn to live

Learn to face the fears.
The bounty is at the end
And the lesson is in the journey.

-Zam Zhinga


Just a LITTLE something that came to mind…. Freedom of EXPRESSION…



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