#ShereeWhitfield POPS off at #NeNeLeakes calling her a ‘Bitter B*tch’ NeNe CLAPS BACK hard! [details]


RUMORS of Sheree Whitfield’s LAST DAYS in the PEACH ORCHARD are running RAMPANT, but that does not mean that the O.G. PEACHHOLDER is not going out without a FIGHT. Sheree took took to INSTAGRAM to address NeNe and all the SHADE she has thrown at her the ENTIRE season 10 involving her prison bae Tyrone. In her TIRADE, Sheree calls NeNe a CREDIT CARD SCAMMER and a also talks about NeNe’s RAPE comments too!

Sheree had a LOT to get off of her chest… HERE SHE GOES…

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@neneleakes I am not worried one iota about ur lies or anyone coming to me about what I was able to accomplish hands down, ALONE. I know being the bitter, nasty, jealous. hateful person u r, it may b hard to swallow, so not surprised u would hate and try to discredit. But what else would one expect from a woman who wishes RAPE on another woman! #vile Just know I sleep great at night and am very much at peace with ZERO worries! U on the other hand not so clear! R u still making those large credit card purchases and running up ur cc's then calling them same cards in stolen or lost? How many times have u done that now? #fraud The FEDS may b coming to u! Won’t b long boo! God dont like ugly!! And its so obvious the envy, hate and jealousy u have.. .u "claim" ur mad bcuz 1.U inserted urself in my personal life with your comments/opinions 2. bcuz I didn’t tell you had multiple bugs in ur house??? #girlbye #callOrkin #Twitterfingers #cyberbully u saw me for months but said none about this…even when I confronted u multiple times! So no, WRONG GIRL and WRONG ANALOGY! #BitterBITCH

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So of COURSE NeNe had to REPLY and boy oh boy did she CLAP BACK!!


NeNe Leakes


Now I’m doing CREDIT CARD FRAUD! My credit wasn’t even good enough to get a credit card back then until i became THAT GIRL😂🤸🏾‍♂️😂🤸🏾‍♂️😂🤸🏾‍♂️

These LADIES go HARD, but NeNe always seems to get the LAST LAUGH!

Kandi tried to help ol’ girl out, but she wanted to be DEFENSIVE.. so oh well…




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