#Froth- A Poem

via Daily Prompt: Froth

Morning comes to soon
The light chases out the shadows of yesterday
Or did it?
One got away and looms over your head

It’s time to wake up
You gotta gotta get up
Every toss and turn takes away from the time

You need it like wine
The elixir of the time
Caffinated bliss
Walking in and out
Its a hit or miss
Two pumps, 1 shot
And then the foam
On top
Power on the bottom

Now you gotta gotta get up
And go.

You live for it
It drives you
You gotta, gotta get up
The train lurches forward
Then left
Then brakes
Tipsy, little, don’t make me spill

Too hot to touch
But too good to not taste
My elixir
The healer of last nights

Filled to the rim
To wink you smile
Tip your brim
Then drop
A dollar or two
It’s only right
Live and die for the

-Zam Zhinga



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