#CardiB CONFIRMS PREGNANCY in GRAND style on #SNL! [vid]


Well the RUMORS are finally VERIFIED.  Cardi B is INDEED pregnant, and she used the ‘SNL’ stage as her personal BABY ANNOUNCEMENT arena. Now we have been saying and speculating for WEEKS that the rapper was with child, but she did not CONFIRM any of the RUMORS… UNTIL NOW.

On the HUGE platform like ‘SNL’, during Cardi’s second performance she but the RUMORS out on FRONT STREET…literally.  While performing her soon to be NEXT HIT, ‘Be Careful’, Cardi, dressed in a form-fitting all white gown started her bars as the camera panned out to reveal her FULL figure and FULL BABY BUMP, you can hear the REACTION from the CROWD!

After hiding the NEWS for weeks, then going all BEYONCE at the VMAS-like, Cardi says she is FINALLY FREE!

Now the handlers for Cardi are doing a PRETTY DECENT job, because having to DEAL with a PREGANNCY right when her career is TAKING OFF can be TRICKY. But what better way to announce it than on the ‘SNL’ stage…but maybe during a DIFFERENT SONG? ‘Be Careful’ is about finding out a mate is cheating and the repercussions of such. Not the most ‘MOM TO BE’ song, but HEY, Cardi is REAL and that’s why we LOVE her.

CONGRATS to the Cardi! Her fiance Offset was one of the FIRST to chime in on the BIG REVEAL!

WE are happy for Cardi and Offset! Let’s HOPE that this does not DERAIL her MOMENTUM!



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