RUMOR PATROL:#ShereeWhitfield & #KimZolciak AXED from #RHOA season 11? Kim says ‘NO!’ [details]

Now we ALL know that ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 10 was a SNOOZER!  Let’s just put that out there.  In COMPARISON to SEASONS PAST, there really was not a whole lot of DRAMA worth TALKING about for the 10th anniversary.  Some CRITICS were saying that this CURRENT line-up of girls just aren’t bringing the THUNDER like they used to so Bravo may need to SHAKE THINGS UP!  Well rumors were swirling that some of the ladies would be getting PINK SLIPS after the REUNION.  That’s usually when new contracts are negotiated or NULLED. WORD FROM THE CURB is that veteran ‘housewife’  Sheree Whitfield got the BOOT…again and that her ‘sidekick’ (sometimes PUPPET MASTER) Kim Zolciak wasn’t asked back to the show in any capacity as well.  Well Kim claims that , in the words of NENE LEAKES, ‘It’s a BIG FAT LIE’!


Here is what Kim is SAYING:

Kim sent out the following CRYPTIC tweet which seems to be in response to this RUMOR.

Now as of PRESS TIME, Sheree’s SOCIAL MEDIA is still TOUTING all things ‘RHOA’ so, let’s hope this is JUST a RUMOR. ALTHOUGH since her prison bae was DENIED early release, maybe her STORYLINE has RUN ITS COURSE? But would the PEACH ORCHARD be without its RESIDENT ‘BONE COLLECTOR’ though? Let’s hope Sheree sticks around a little longer. As for Kim? Well she has a show of her own, so it wouldn’t KILL her if she lost that little ‘FRIEND TO THE SHOW’ check, right? Well we will find out as we get closer to the REUNION, but as for now, no official word on any FIRINGS. HOWEVER, the SHOW does need some RETOOLING. I say BRING Phaedra back. I mean she caused a SEASON’S worth of mess that they are STILL talking about every other episode. I mean BRING HER BACK and let the girls RAKE HER over the coals for her LIES. That should insure at least 6 good episodes of DRAMA. Eva can leave, Shamea needs to BEEF IT UP or she can leave. Kandi needs to be ‘LESS DRY’ as they say. Marlo needs to come on board in more of a FULLTIME basis. I mean, HELL, most the little DRAMA that was interesting had Marlo’s FINGERPRINTS on them. Momma Joyce needs to come back more and the OLG gang. They were interesting. But we will see what will happen in the weeks ahead.


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