‘Love & Hip Hop’ star #Safaree NEW #SEXTAPE LEAKS! [vid]


You knew it was BOUND to happen!  After those EXPLICIT visuals from ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star, Safaree Samuels ‘leaked’ a few weeks ago, a full SEX TAPE was sure to be somewhere in the ‘CLOUD’.  Well not anymore, because NEW FOOTAGE has ‘LEAKED’ and this time around it is no QUESTION who the parties involved are! Take a LOOK after the JUMP!



YOU GUYS are SO NASTY! Always want to see some NEEKID ISH!!! LOL…. ALTHOUGH I am SURE there is some SEX TAPE somewhere around… Celebs are being SMARTER about ‘LEAKING’ them, or at least finding more INGENIOUS ways to BENEFIT from them when they do go public… BUT while you guys are here… hope you enjoyed the PITBULLS and stick around and CHECK out some of the OTHER posts on www.TheGamutt.com


SORRY for the PRANK.. couldn’t RESIST!




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