#RHOA NEWS: #ShereeWhitfield & #NeNeLeakes were going at it on Twitter! [details]


Now there is no secret that Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield are FRENEMIES at best.  They have their moments of being CORDIAL then all hell will break out. We’ve witnessed that all season 10-and frankly since we’ve seen these two together on the show.  They are always out to ‘one-up’ the other.  And with Tyrone thrown into the equation, things seem to INTENSIFY.  We are not sure in WHAT capacity, but BOTH have some sort of HISTORY with Tyrone before he started ‘dating’.  At any rate, Tyrone was recently DENIED early release, and Nene had a FIELD day with that bit of news on SOCIAL MEDIA and from then on..the BACK and FORTH between she and Sheree was BORN! Lol…


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WATCH: #Empire season 4 ep 10 ‘Birds in the Cage’ [full ep]



Nurse Claudia takes her job to a new level, when she kidnaps Lucious. To find him, Cookie must race against time and use the skills she learned in prison to rescue him. Meanwhile, Andre, Jamal and Hakeem pick up the pieces from their battle with the Dubois family. Becky gets a SURPRISE and Andre comes to a STARTLING realization! WATCH ‘Empire’ season 4 episode 10 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #Empire season 4 ep 10 ‘Birds in the Cage’ [full ep]

WATCH: #Star season 2 ep 10 ‘Rise From The Ashes’ [full


Carlotta is devastated after the fire that resulted in someone’s death. As she tries to pick up the pieces, her mother, Miss Christine, and sister, Cassie, unexpectedly show up. Meanwhile, Star struggles to hide her jealousy and feelings for Noah, while Gigi decides to do “Take 3” a favor that could put them back on the map! WATCH ‘Star’ season 2 episode 10 BELOW! Continue reading WATCH: #Star season 2 ep 10 ‘Rise From The Ashes’ [full

#ChloeGreen PREGNANT with #HotFelon #JeremyMeeks BABY! [details]


Jeremy Meeks is SET FOR LIFE!  The #HotFelon has KNOCKED UP TopShop heiress, Chloe Green!! Continue reading #ChloeGreen PREGNANT with #HotFelon #JeremyMeeks BABY! [details]

#Star returns TONIGHT! Did #Cottom SURVIVE!? Sneak Peek! [vid]


Who’s ready for the CHILLING return of STAR!?? Did Cotton SURVIVE is one big BURNING QUESTION! WHAT HAPPENED after the FIRE!? WHO GOT MARRIED!?  Take a LOOK!!
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#GaryOwens ‘lets his nuts hang’ on #TheBreakfastClub– trolls rapper #6ix9ine! [vid]


WATCH comedian Gary Owens MOCK rapper 6ix9ine. OF COURSE the rapper will call him CORNY and BORING and act as if he doesn’t know who he is, but it is still FUNNY AS SHIT!!


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#Empire RETURNS tonight! Get a SNEAK PEEK! [vid]


Who’s ready for ‘EMPIRE’ tonight!!!??? It’s been too long, but season 4 is going to kick off with a BANG, you don’t want to miss a MINUTE!! Check out a SNEAK PEEK below!!
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HOT SHOT of the DAY: #MariahCarey celebrated her BDAY at #Disneyland! [pic]



It looks like MC celebrated her 48th BIRTHDAY at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’-Disneyland!   SNATCHED and FAB in all the RIGHT PLACES.. Mariah Carey makes 48 look EASY BREEZY right!? RIGHT!



STAR TRACKS: #8Ball & #MJG spotted in Atlanta! [vids]


Photo cred: Facebook- Kimberly Ann https://www.facebook.com/kimberly.brunson.35



I have ben WONDERING where these two have been.  8Ball & MJG, rap LEGENDS were spotted at Hartsfield-Jackson airport!  My COUSIN was busy doing her JOB and happened upon the Orange Mound DUO this week.  At least we know they are STILL TOGETHER!  LET’s GO BACK with some of their HITS! #SpaceAgePimpin Continue reading STAR TRACKS: #8Ball & #MJG spotted in Atlanta! [vids]

WAKE UP JAM: #KanyeWest ‘Fade’ starring #TeyanaTaylor [vid]



‘FADE’!  are we like SUPER IN LOVE with Teyana Taylor all over again!  While we wait for new projects from BOTH Taylor and Kanye, let’s REVISIT one of the things that make us LOVE both UBER-creative individuals!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #KanyeWest ‘Fade’ starring #TeyanaTaylor [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #BigTymers REUNITE on ‘Desiigner Caskets’ [audio]


The Big Tymers have been TEASING a REUNION for quite some time now, but FINALLY we see some PROGRESS!  Birdman and Mannie Fresh collectively known as ‘Big Tymers’ have reunited on a track, ‘Desiigner Caskets’ from  Before Anythang: The Story Behind the Cash Money Records Empire soundtrack.

The new tracks REVISITS the Big Tymer’s SIGNATURE throwback sound while still sounding FRESH and CURRENT! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #BigTymers REUNITE on ‘Desiigner Caskets’

#Rihanna’s #FentyBeauty reveals #BeachPlease collection! [details]


Want to be BRONZED up like Rihanna for the SUMMER?  Well Fenty Beauty has just UNVEILED it’s new #BeachPlease line for you ladies (and men) to SPEND all your money on this SPRING and SUMMER! Continue reading #Rihanna’s #FentyBeauty reveals #BeachPlease collection! [details]