#RHOA NEWS: #ShereeWhitfield & #NeNeLeakes were going at it on Twitter! [details]


Now there is no secret that Nene Leakes and Sheree Whitfield are FRENEMIES at best.  They have their moments of being CORDIAL then all hell will break out. We’ve witnessed that all season 10-and frankly since we’ve seen these two together on the show.  They are always out to ‘one-up’ the other.  And with Tyrone thrown into the equation, things seem to INTENSIFY.  We are not sure in WHAT capacity, but BOTH have some sort of HISTORY with Tyrone before he started ‘dating’.  At any rate, Tyrone was recently DENIED early release, and Nene had a FIELD day with that bit of news on SOCIAL MEDIA and from then on..the BACK and FORTH between she and Sheree was BORN! Lol…


Nene sending SUBLIMINALS on IG. She is REALLY going in on Twitter, but she has BLOCKED ME ON Twitter a long time ago, so I can get those…lol







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