#LilXan ‘performs’ #Tupac’s ‘California Love’ after calling the ICONIC rapper ‘boring’. [vid]


Remember a few weeks ago when rapper Lil Xan made comments about the ICONIC rapper, Tupac’s music being BORING!?  If you missed that revisit HERE.  Xan caught a LOT of FLACK for his comments about Pac and was even CHASED down by some Tupac fans–the event warranted the POLICE escorting Xan to safety.  At any rate, in a RECENT performance, the ‘Betrayed’ rapper attempted to perform a CLASSIC from the LATE GREAT rapper’s catalog of HITS–‘California Love’.

Maybe he was trying to make amends for his WRECKLESS comments. You can say A LOT of things about Tupac’s music. You can even NOT like the catalog, but one thing that it is surely NOT is ‘BORING’. IJS. These ‘rappers’ today….we no going to get on that topic, but you know where I’m going with that… Let’s see what LEGACY Xan will leave behind one day….


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