LOL Moment: #RIPDave…the FISH! [vid]


I thought this was FUNNY.  When we have to say GOODBYE to our PETS.  Not many people can throw a GRAND ASS send-off like ‘Rudy Huxtable’ from ‘The Cosby Show’.. RIP Lamont…

but some COME close… and in doing our best by our departed PETS, sometimes they don’t have the BEST AFTERLIFE…case in point. RIP DAVE!
Arran Uzsoy, 23, from Worksop, was distraught when his pet goldfish Dave died.
He decided to have a funeral for the fish he had owned for so long.
But the emotional goodbye did not go to plan when a hungry duck just saw lunch
Within seconds of dropping him into a pond, Dave was eaten by the peckish duck.






GOOD BYE DAVE–may you return to the EARTH in some form or FASHION!LOL


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