#ToniBraxton TEASES ‘Long As I Live’ video with Tamar & Towanda! [vid]


‘Braxton Family Values’ season 6 RETURNS tonight!!!! The DRAMA is THICKER than ever this season, but lets not FORGET what made this FAMILY famous to begin with–MUSIC!  Toni ‘Living Legend’ Braxton is set to DROP a new album Friday, (March 23rd) and ahead of that we have been PRIVY to some SOLID singles so far.  One of our FAVES, ‘Long As I Live’ has gotten the VIDEO treatment and Toni shares the DANCE MOVES with her sisters Towanda and Tamar Braxton on this one!  Take a LOOK at the TEASE after the JUMP!!

CAN’T WAIT for the FULL VISUAL!   But we won’t have to wait long.  The VIDEO WORLD PREMIERE is RIGHT AFTER ‘Braxton Family Values’!


‘Sex & Cigarettes’ IMPACTS MARCH 23rd!!!


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