WATCH: #Uncensored season 1 ep 3 ‘Rick Ross’ [full ep]


Part showman, part artist with a Fortune 500 mind, Rick Ross is the ultimate hustler. The platinum-selling rapper and lord of Maybach Music Group sits down to reveal the untold story of his climb to the top of hip-hop.Growing up in the streets of Carol City, Miami, Ross dabbled in low-level thuggin’ before taking up residence in a local studio. A rumbling voice with a menacing drawl narrated the turmoil African American Floridians knew too well. It wasn’t long before people took notice of Ross’s blunted, plaintive flow. His first album, Port of Miami, set off a shockwave in the music industry, pushing Ross’s debut to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. Sales bulleted past a million, earning him a new title: Platinum-Selling Rapper. “Hustlin’,” the infectious single of the album became a club anthem. The chorus “Everyday I’m hustlin'” validated hardworking people grinding themselves away for minimum wage. His sophomore effort, Trilla, went gold with assistance from another signature Rick Ross single, “The Boss”. After releasing multiple platinum-selling albums, Ross seized upon a formula familiar to aspiring hip-hop .. WATCH ‘Uncensored’ Rick Ross BELOW!

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