SPLITSVILLE! #FifthHarmony announce INDEFINITE hiatus! [details]



Harmonizers are SAD today!  Their fave group just announced their INDEFINITE HIATUS!  As if we did not see this one coming.  Fifth Harmony have decided to go on ‘HIATUS’–code word for SPLIT UP so that they can focus on OTHER PROJECTS!



We kinda saw the writing on the wall with this one.  Since Camila Cabello’s exit, and the rest of the girls eyeing solo ventures, it was kind of inevitable.  Seeing the solo success of their EX group member, who WOULDN’T want to strike out on their own to have the SPOTLIGHT solely on THEM…and not have to split the POT 4 ways…

But based on their statement, it appears the girls have every intention of reuniting at some point down the line.  But isn’t that what they always say though?  If one strikes it BIG and the others don’t then you can hang that REUNION up..for GOOD… ask Kelly and Michelle.

Well Harmonizers, you have the whole group at least until the end of the year, so we can celebrate that, right?



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