#TyraBanks RECALLS having ‘NO budget’ for #ANTM season 1! Contestants wore her clothes! [vid]




Tyra Bank’s GROUNDBREAKING show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ turns 15 this MAY!  Can you BELIEVE that!?    As the 15th  ANNIVERSARY of the show approaches, Tyra RECALLS the SHABBY beginnings of her fledgling model endeavor.  She admitted to ET’s Cameron Mathison that she put her own money and wardrobe on the line that first season because the show had such a “cheap budget.”

While at the season 13 premiere party for America’s Got Talent, which she hosts, Banks admitted that she used her credit card to make the sets look better. “The judging room was actually blue drapes all around the room, but that was a hotel room,” she disclosed.” We moved the bed out and stuff.”

Banks said she and the ANTM team were just doing “what we had to do,” adding that she even had the contestants wear clothes from her closet.
“The girls in the first poster have my clothes on, these Victoria’s Secret little, like, bando tops and skirts,” she confessed. “Those are my clothes that I put in a trash bag for the airplane because I didn’t want to put it in a suitcase because then I’d have to check it. I was scared that it would get lost and then we’d have no clothes for the poster.”


It’s hard to believe that the show that’s on it’s 24th CYCLE now had such a HARD SCRABBLE beginning, right? That’s why it pays to INVEST in yourself and believe in your DREAM! 15 years and 24 cycles later, Tyra’s HIT show is STILL ‘BANKABLE’ and shown all around the WORLD!


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