#NeYo & #LilDuval are ‘BEEFING’ and it’s SUPER FUNNY! [vids]

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When you try to do a GOOD THING on SOCIAL MEDIA, it always seems to BACKFIRE…depending on who you are.  If Drake, Oprah, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Colin Kaepernick even sneeze….it’s PRAISE AROUND THE WORLD!  I mean, I would fall down to the FLOOR in admiration if Oprah sneezed on me TOO..THAT’s GREATNESS GERMS FLOWING..

BUT WHEN others like say, BowWow, Lil MaMa, Draya Michelle or I guess now Ne-Yo try to do a GOOD THING, they always seem to get DRAGGED back to the REALM of us COMMON-FOLK.  CASE IT POINT… Ne-Yo is on another ‘MOVEMENT’ of sorts.  He posted the some FEEL-GOOD, let’s be GROWN MEN and start LOVING our women kinda post.  HARMLESS, RIGHT?

I’m sayin’….#GoodManSeason

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Cool sentiment, right? I mean he does make a POINT, but then we have to look at the MESSENGER. Remember Ne-Yo’s UGLY split from Monyetta Shaw? Well people are not ready to let HIM forget that. People are saying how can he be on this ‘soap box’ of sorts when he basically LEFT his then girlfriend Monyetta for his now WIFE, Crystal. Y’all remember all that. ALLEGEDLY, Monyetta got her TUBES TIED because NeYo didn’t want anymore kids, then he LEFT her and almost IMMEDIATELY had a child with the women he WIFED UP! [Revist that HERE]

SOCIAL MEDIA particularly ‘BLACK TWITTER’ had a FIELD DAY at Neyo’s expense of course. IN STEPS the ‘PETTY GODFATHER’ comedian and actor Lil’ Duval. Duval was feeling extra ONRY today after being at his daughter’s 1st TRACK MEET all day decided to poke some fun at Neyo. He basically said NEYO was breaking all the ‘GUYCODES’ with his post. HERE IT GOES…

LOL…. Of COURSE NEYO fired back at him and his HATERS..

Lil’ Duval was not FINISHED YET…

Just a reminder……. #SMILEBITCH #witmygrownboyass @neyo

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SMILE BITCH!!! This is FUNNY….if you are not FOLLOWING Lil’ Duval on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA platform, you are INDEED missing out! He is FUNNY, HAPPY, MAD,and INSIGHTFUL all at the same damn time… LOL. But the COUT DE GRAS came when Lil’ Duval offers up a ‘DISS TRACK’ to Neyo…using his OWN DAMN SONG!

I AM OVER HERE DYING as I type this! TOO FUNNY. Maybe Lil’ Duval should do an album of covers! LOL. He doesn’t sound half bad and we know he got the DANCE MOVES! Kill em wit da SHOULDERS….

maybe get Benny Boom or X to direct the VIDEO. Maybe even Ava DuVernay…She did that Jay-Z and Beyonce CHEATING video, right? This could be BIG!!

#SMILEBITCH is the moral of the story…it’s just JOKES! LOL.



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