#LebronJames can FLY! James puts the JAM of the year down on #JusufNurkic [vid]


Lebron James is one of the GREATEST basketball players PLAYING RIGHT NOW….take it or leave it.  CASE IN POINT:


LeBron James is in Year 15 of his illustrious NBA career. At age 33, The King has played more than 43,000 minutes and yet he still hauls the Cleveland Cavaliers to the playoffs on his back each and every season. Still, Thursday’s dunk against the Portland Trail Blazers was something else. Something unbelievable. As James handled the ball midway through the first quarter, Portland struggled to rotate on a double high screen pick-and-roll from the Cavaliers. LeBron rounded the left corner, saw an open lane, and took off running. Jusuf Nurkic, much to his chagrin, didn’t have much of a chance even as he rotated over to help on James. That left us with an incredible dunk from LeBron from far out on the floor. AGAIN…’




Looks like JORDAN came back to the game in another FORM!  ARGUE AMONGST YOURSELVES…



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