#DJEnvy EXPLAINS why he walked off his morning show! [vid]

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SO NOW after the Desus and Mero BOTCHED interview on ‘The Breakfast Club’ yesterday, DJ ENVY talks to TMZ live to explain why he was SO ANGRY and what made him walk off of his MORNING SHOW in the wake of their APOLOGY.  In case you missed the ‘confrontation’ between Envy and Desus & Mero, revisit that here!

This is what Envy had to say..to a NON-urban media outlet I might add:


OKAY, so TMZ was buying this. But are we. SO.. Envy was SO MAD once he saw them, that he had to CONFRONT THEM then? Let us remind you that the ‘COMMENTS’ or ‘JOKES’ that were made in reference to Envy and his wife were made some time ago. So in that time frame, Envy couldn’t have called these guys or communicate with them BEFORE their appearance on his show? I mean if he was SO mad and disrespected that is. But he waited to ‘ambush’ his guest….guests to his show, on air. He said he felt that they needed to be addressed publicly? NAW, he wanted to address them publicly to save face and to look like a TOUGH GUY and to let his wife SEE that he ‘rides’ for her.


That display what morning was solely for HIM. I mean he went on ‘The Real’ to talk about him cheating on his wife. The ‘affair’ was public. HE disrespected his OWN wife and brought this topic to a PUBLIC forum, YET…does not want others to make light of something HE created. Might I add, on a platform that is ‘The Breakfast Club’ that has been KNOWN to ROAST and take INCIDENTS just like this to the EXTREME..at the expense of OTHER PEOPLE. It’s ok, as long as it does not touch home, right? GET OUTTA HERE… I like DJ ENVY–I Like Desus & Mero. I think that was a SUCKER move on the part of Envy to TRY to make himself look good to the public. THAT’S ALL. Desus & Mero took some time on THEIR show to CONTINUE to ROAST Envy’s antics..


In case you missed it, HERE IT GOES… As you can see, the guys were not PHASED.


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