@DesusandMero REVISIT the #DjEnvy MELTDOWN on their show! [full ep]


In case you MISSED IT, and I am sure by now you’ve heard about it, Desus & Mero were on the ‘Breakfast Club’ yesterday. AS SOON AS THEIR interview began, DJ Envy felt some type pf way about some JOKES that were made and IMMEDIATELY demanded the DUO APOLOGIZE to his wife for what he felt was DISPRESPECT
(In case you missed it, REVISIT that story HERE)

The PAIR apologized, but it still was not enough to keep ENVY from abruptly STORMING out of his OWN SHOW. But of course this DANGEROUS DUO of Desus and Mero were not going to let this one go…they went in to REHASH the whole MELTDOWN of DJ Envy on THEIR SHOW, and let’s just say the COMMENTARY was even FUNNIER the second time around. TAKE A LOOK!

WE were over here WILDING OUT over this. I mean, HOW do you get mad at someone for doing the EXACT same thing you do DAILY!?
And Envy got in his feelings over a situation HE created. WE KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, he cheated on his wife with Erica Mena and went on ‘The Real’ to talk about it and expected no one to say anything about it. THE HYPOCRISY of it all! I’m just GLAD someone called him out on it. I like the guy, love his ‘People’s Choice Mixes’, but REALLY? ALL THAT for what? It was FUNNY though.



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