So, #BowWow got punched in the face for talking ISH about #Future!? Bow Wow RESPONDS! [vid]


So did BowWow get CHIN CHECKED for talking shit about Future? Well iff you look at this footage, he at least got HIT for something by an UNKNOWN rapper!

WORD FROM THE CURB is that a rapper named Cheeks Bossman PUNCHED Bow WOW for talking shit about Future. As you know Bow Wow dated Ciara who in turn dated and KNOCKED UP Ciara–HENCE the ‘CONNECTION’.

The FOOTAGE is HAZY but it appears that a MAN runs up on Bow Wow and we can here him saying, ‘What’s Up with that Future shit!?’

BOW WOW needs better security or at least a BETTER CREW?

SHAD responds!

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