RuPaul’s #Allstars3 finale is TONIGHT- REVISIT the 15 best LIP SYNCS in HERstory! [vid]


RuPaul’s Dragrace All Stars season 3 wraps TONIGHT! WHO WILL TAKE THE CROWN? Shangela, Trixie, BeBe, or Kennedy? On ALL- Stars, the KITTY GIRLS have to LIP SYNC for their LEGACY with the chance to POCKET a 10k TIP is they SURVIVE, but AHEAD of the FINALE, let’s REVISIT some of the BEST LIP SYNCS in HERstory!!!

There have been over 100 lip syncs performed on the show thus far, so the question remains — which performances bring the perfect blend of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent? Billboard Pride has put together a definitive list of the 15 best lip syncs in the herstory of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

15. Ginger Minj & Sasha Belle vs. Jaidynn Diore Fierce & Tempest DuJour, “I Think We’re Alone Now” — Season 7, Episode 8
Kicking off our list is a lip sync that was a Drag Race first — the first on-stage mastectomy in the show’s history. The queens performing had conjoined twins to deal with, and while Jaidynn and Tempest worked out their song while attached back-to-front, Ginger and Sasha decided to free themselves when Minj pulled out a pair of scissors and cut off their conjoined breasts. This was a surefire win for Ginger, and one of the funniest and most entertaining lip syncs to watch.

14. Morgan McMichaels vs. Sonique, “Two of Hearts” — Season 2, Episode 4 There is an unofficial rule in the various lip syncs on RuPaul’s Drag Race; don’t try to just dance your way out of a lip sync. The face off between Morgan and Sonique is one of the early examples of what can go wrong (or in the audience’s case, so right) when you rely on your dance skills rather than your lip sync talent. Sonique was impressive — not too many queens who could do that many back handsprings in a row and look so good doing them. But Morgan’s ability to dance and get all of her words right catapulted her into a well-deserved win for this tremendous lip sync.


13. Chi Chi DeVayne vs. Thorgy Thor, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” — Season 8, Episode 7

There was one piece of advice Bob the Drag Queen gave to his fellow queens in Untucked about lip syncing to this song: “Think about how sad you’ll feel going home and then use it.” Chi Chi DeVayne was clearly listening. The dancing diva of season 8 took her time and conveyed every emotion in this song, even at one point breaking her jewelry and letting beads spill all over the stage. Meanwhile, Thorgy… did a cartwheel. It was clear at the end of this one who was the winner, as Chi Chi gave the most stunning performance in her Drag Race career.

12. Nina Bo’Nina Brown vs. Valentina, “Greedy” — Season 9, Episode 9 Before you sharpen your pitchforks, hear me out — while this iconic lip sync from season 9 was perhaps one of the most shocking moments in the show’s herstory, the lip sync itself is not deserving of a spot in the top 10. Valentina bombed in this performance, and Nina’s lip sync was solid, but ultimately unmemorable. Still, the gag-worthy moment when RuPaul had to stop the lip sync and ask Valentina to take off her mask catapults this performance above most others.


11.Adore Delano vs. Trinity K. Bonet, “Vibeology” by Paula Abdul — Season 6, Episode 9
This was a matchup that fans didn’t want to see; fan favorite Adore Delano against the season’s lip sync assassin Trinity K. Bonet. Both of these queens slayed the runway with amazing moves and scintillating sexuality. It was a photo finish that saw Adore take Trinity out of the competition, but all parties agreed — it was the best lip sync in season 6 by far.

10. Peppermint vs. Trinity Taylor, “Stronger” — Season 9, Episode 14 This lip sync is a lesson in pacing. Trinity Taylor was pulling out all of the stops at the outset of the Britney song — amazing dance moves, a tear-away to reveal her carefully calculated tuck, the works. But she ran out of tricks early on; Peppermint, on the other hand, held her wig and outfit reveal until the climax of the song, waiting for the absolute perfect moment. This roller coaster of a lip sync kept us on the edge of our seat, and it paid off, too.


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