Just like Uniblab, robotic kicking flab
My flavor bidder badder chitter-chatter
Madder than the Mad Hatter
I bet you my shit come out phatter
I got the data to turn your body into anti-matter
And just like a piece of Sizzlean
You’ll fit inside my stomach with the eggs and grits between
The king is what I mean, I mean
My man get a cup and put some change inside your hand
Now, hold up, let’s make this official
Everybody let’s agree that MC’s need a tissue
The funk’s my only issue
I bet your mama miss you
And I bet the Mack take off, like an MX missile
No more of your whinin’ on the charts climbin’
As I make the funk kicking out more harder than a diamond
And if you didn’t know who’s rhymin’
I guess I’m gonna say “Craig Mack” with perfect timin’
You won’t be around next year
My rap’s too severe, kickin’ mad flava in ya ear

Craig Mack….


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