WHAT IF #TSMadison linked with #TiffanyPollard for #QueensCourt!? [vid]


Are you still following all the ‘Queen’s Court’ drama with TS Madison and Khia and all that SH*T?  Well I checked out a while ago, bit the READERS still want to know WHAT’S GOOD!?  Khia has went on and started 2 other ‘shows’ and TS Madison appears to be moving FORWARD solo as well.. BUT what if TS Madison and Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard LINKED UP!!  Wouldn’t that be a BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSION…. Let’s see what TS Madison is TEASING with this one…

Now ‘New York’ is a HUGE star in comparison–so it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that she would fill Khia’s VACATED seat on the PANEL, but an INTERVIEW with her WOULD do WELL for TS Madison’s platform, right? We think so… let’s see what comes of this MEETING OF THE MINDS!


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