SHOE-GATE: The REAL reason the #RickeySmileyMorningshow got kicked off the air! [vid]


Do you guys remember LAST WEEK, March 8th I believe, ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show’ got SUSPENDED live on air for making fun of a Co-WORKER’S shoes! Many fans of the popular syndicated morning show thought it was a PRANK.  BUT OH NO, it was all REAL….

In case you missed that check this out to see just what went down!Click HERE for video

At first Rickey is even in disbelief. Then the BLAME GAME started. Now we all know that Rickey is a COMEDIAN and pretty much ANYTHING is fair game. But the CRUX of this situation is that HUMAN RESOURCES got involved because, one of the PRODUCERS was instructed to TAKE A PICTURE of the person’s shoes and post it on Facebook. See how FACEBOOK can easily get you FUCKED UP? At first it is unclear as to WHO made the instructions to do this. Producer Beyonce said she was NOT going to be thrown under the bus and SHIFTED the blame back to Rickey.

The thing is, you can not take PHOTOS of people in the BATHROOM. I mean you can, but when you make them PUBLIC, that’s where you get FUCKED UP. Once the employee got HR involved, the shit got REAL! That is a form of HARASSMENT or even cyber-bullying because it was posted on social media. Now I saw the shoes they were UGLY as F*CK, but them older men like wearing them GATORS like that, so be it. NOW this EMPLOYEE could EASILY sue the radio station and morning show and possibly even Rickey himself. We will see what happens.

The MORNING SHOW did APOLOGIZE and the CREW returned to the air the next day.

This is a TEACHING moment…. don’t wear GATORS to work.  NO..But really… some JOKES go too far and you can’t put people on BLAST at your workplace is the REAL lesson..i guess…


But the shoes WERE ugly though in MY OPINION…


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