#Captivating: A poem


via Daily Prompt: Captivating

Cathedral ceilings
The strokes so pristine
So clean
The story of the ages
Scrolled up high

The pyramids in the sand dunes
Ruins but never ruined
The gold and the black
The history laid on backs
Still we remember
But today they want to wash it all away
A print a new tale
But history tells the real story

To soar above all and look down low
Seeing the tiny things
Move to and fro
The turtles are out again
Even in the shallow waters
The turtles dart out and you remember
If they can swim so can you…
So you keep going and wish for a better day
So captivating

Snow capped peaks
Be quiet no on speaks
Don’t disturb the splendor
Just absorb what is in front of you and take in the fresh air

The corners of you mind
With all that spare time
New tales waiting to be shared
There is much to do about nothing
Just waiting for you to put it in motion
Captivating is the creative mind
The busy brain and neurons
It goes
Then you sit idle
And it jars your senses
It’s time to act
On all that has manifested
In the cortex
You feel vexed, but there is still time.

Just do it…
The time is now
Captivate them all
They have been waiting.

-Zam Zhinga




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