#WendyWilliams names a REPLACEMENT host during her 3-week HIATUS! [details]


Talk show MAVEN Wendy Williams is STILL out on her DOCTOR-MANDATED 3 week ‘vacation’ from her UBER-popular talk show.  If you missed it, Wendy announced on air that she had been RECENTLY diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves Disease.  Williams said she needed to take time to ‘get things situated’ so she would RETURN to her show at 100%.  In the MEANTIME, the show has been running RERUNS….that is until Williams announced a REPLACEMENT!—-TEMPORARY that is….

Wnedy Williams Courtesy Wendy Williams Show

Initially, Williams BALKED at the idea of anyone sitting in her PURPLE CHAIR during her absence, but has since SOFTENED to the idea and has named her REPLACEMENT… Jerry O’connell.  Jerry has been a GUEST on the show and he and Wendy get along SO WELL—she always GUSHES about him too..  Wendy says: “Jerry has been such a good friend to me. We’re happy to welcome him as a guest host while I’m out getting much needed rest.”

Interesting choice, right?  We will see how this works out.  REMEMBER it’s just TEMPORARY…. BUT HE IS FUNNY THOUGH…

Wendy is set to return to her SEAT on March 19th!



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