Branch-a poem

via Daily Prompt: Branch


Reaching, stretching
Extending far beyond the eyes…
Scamper out on the edge to see if it will support your weight
But wait.
Be cautious.
For there are those below that wish to see you fall
As the bough breaks
So will you
If you are not ready
the branch
It is sturdy
Strong enough to withstand the forceful winds
Resilient enough to bend and give when needed.
The branch connects us all…


Home to the fruit
Bearer of the seed
Provider of the leaf
Conduit for the ants
Perch for the bird
Swaying in the wind is the branch
Strong, yet willing to bend
As we all should be
We can all be bearers, providers and means for support..
Such is life and life is everyday
The same
More different than yesterday
Still the same
At least some days there must be rain
So the branch can prosper and thrive
Such is life
And the people that live it.

-Zam Zhinga


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