The #Roseanne reboot TEASER is EVERYTHING we wanted! [vid]


Did you MISS the TEASER for the UPCOMING ‘Roseanne’ REBOOT that aired during the Oscars! This new PROMO was EVERYTHING the fans have been waiting to see! Take a LOOK!!

Remember that CRAZY season 9—well FORGET about it! Dan is alive ans well, despite his character dying in the season finale, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) is in full Nasty Woman mode, and it looks like Darlene (Sara Gilbert) is seeking comfort from her parents after moving back in following her separation from her husband, David (Johnny Galecki). There are also a few shots of the new, younger characters! Shameless star Emma Kenney plays Harris, Darlene’s daughter, and Jayden Rey will appear as Mary, D.J.’s daughter. Twenty years later, the Conner family has only grown. And BOTH Becky’s return for the reboot in a CLEVER way–this is going to be SO GOOD!!

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