#JAYZ & #Beyonce MIND-FUCKS the fans. Post ‘On The Run 2’ tour event then RETRACTS! [details]



‘Bonnie & Clyde’ part 22 or NAW?? Beyonce And JAY-Z seemed to be PLAYING with the FANS emotions when a MYSTERIOUS event popped up on Facebook today touting a ‘On The Run 2’ tour ROMP earlier today.

FANS were QUICKLY elated…then feelings were DASHED when the POSTING was RETRACTED!

The event page was for a concert set to take place Monday, July 30, 2018 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The page even featured a Ticketmaster link.

Ticketmaster’s website had a countdown to an alleged pre-sale event, set to take place on March 4, 2018. That has also been removed.

The Facebook event appeared amid rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonce were hitting the road together. Rumors began swirling when fans in the United Kingdom noticed the landing page on Ticketmaster’s page for ‘Beyonce and Jay-Z tickets’ had changed.


The landing page was deleted after screenshots starting being shared on social media.

Neither Jay-Z nor Beyonce has commented on the rumors. The tour has not yet appeared back on social media or Ticketmaster.

Now USUALLY the details of anything JAY-Z and Beyonce do are ALWAYS kept CLOSE to the VEST–so slip-ups like this NEVER HAPPEN. Is this a TEASE to test the waters are did someone DROP THE BALL? I mean it is about time for the MEGA-WATT couple to make waves again, right? Beyonce has not put out a PROJECT since ‘Lemonade’ in 2016, right? JAY-Z is fresh off of the success of ‘4:44’ and the RUMORS of a JOINT album have been swirling for YEARS…. So are the Carters cooking up something? It remains to be seen, but we DO KNOW whatever the Carters do–they do it in EPIC proportions…STAY TUNED…


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