Fabric-a Poem

via Daily Prompt: Fabric


Straight from the eye of the needle
The smallest inkling of change
Smooth and sheen
Like silk
These are the threads that bind
To make a seam

Strong and reinforced
Like the ties that bind
The fabric of togetherness
That lasts all seasons
Many rhymes but only one reason

Runway ready
Or back alleys before dawn
The fabric of the night.
The feathers and lace fall to the floor
As the dollars are laid upon the dingy nightstand
By morning you will hate the fury of the night
Walking, running
Dipping in and out of sedans
This is the moonlight bride’s plight.
Splash some water
On your face
And look at the image in the cracked mirror
Are you ready now for the fight?
The fight of your life
To get back what you once held so dear
The fabric of togetherness
The leather woven against the sheer
The smooth and the rough
The silk and the polyester
The wounds of yesteryear, they dry and they fester
Shake it off.
The memories come flashing back trying to derail your plan
The bewitching hour is close at hand
Time to don the fabrics of the night
For another
And circumstance
Take a ride,
Take a chance…

The hard and the soft meet again
Textiles and exile
The fabric of the night…

-Zam Zhinga

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