Is #50Cent TAUNTING a hospitalized #RickRoss!? Alludes to Rocky IV movie reference, ‘If He Dies, he Dies..'[vid]


While MOST in the INDUSTRY are sending WELL-WISHES to Rick Ross, after the MMG BOSS is HOSPITALIZED after being found UNRESPONSIVE. It appears that 50 cent has a DIFFRENT MESSAGE for Ross. In an Instagram post, 50 posted a still from Rocky IV–it’s the scene where Dolph Lundgren‘s character Ivan Drago says “If he dies, he dies,” while standing over a dying Apollo Creed!


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Here is the SCENE:

Are we REACHING here or is 50 Cent sending a CLEAR message that he doesn’t care if Rick Ross lives or dies. If that’s what he is saying, that’s pretty COLD-BLOODED…. What do you guys THINK!??

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