#RickRoss HEALTH update! #FatTrel says Ross is NOT on LIFE SUPPORT![details]


Just hours after TMZ reported Rick Ross is on life support in a Miami hospital, his pal and fellow hip-hop artist Fat Trel assured worried fans that Ross is doing just fine.


Trel took to Instagram to clear the air, posting a photo of his friend writing that he talked to him over the phone: “HE IN DA HOSPITAL BUT HE IS NOT ON ‘LIFE SUPPORT’…HE GOOD.”

According to the original report, the rapper was put on life support at a hospital after 911 responders received a call Thursday morning reporting he was unresponsive and breathing heavily. The caller said he had a history of seizures and when they tried to wake him up, he was “slobbing at the mouth.” Ross was hooked up to an ECMO, which is used to oxygenate blood outside the body, and then pumped back in. ARTISTS around the INDUSTRY are sending WELL WISHES to Ross! [via: Billboard]


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