Above-a poem

via Daily Prompt: Above



From up high
Looking down low
Sweeping, gazing, grazing
Atop the mountain from here looks so far
From up high is where all the bounty flows.
The ins and outs
The ‘whys’ and ‘whatevers’
Do we ever really know
But Faith
Guides the way

It is the light
And with light comes vision
With vision
Comes understanding
With understanding comes patience.

Use your time to learn
Others are sometimes chained to their own mind
Not knowing just how powerful
A thought can go
If guided and nurtured and honed.

From above
You see you and how you used to be
You see just where you should go and who you ought to be
Outside of you own train of thought can be
But rewarding.
Scary, yet enlightening.

Challenge yourself to do better
Move faster
Think higher
Judge less
Evaluate more
And listen.

From above
These things are all revealed…in time.

-Zam Zhinga

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