Door OPEN? #RHOA’s #NeNeLeakes & #PorshaWilliams BACK TOGETHER!? [pics]


Is the ‘DOOR’ back open for RHOA’s NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams??  Well for those that follow the POPULAR reality show, you KNOW that the two once really good friends have been on the OUTS for YEARS! NeNe had even said on NUMEROUS confessionals that the ‘DOOR WAS CLOSED’ on their friendship.  On the current season of the show, we’ve seen some HIGHS and mostly LOWS between these two, but in later episodes we have seen NeNe soften up to her ‘lil sister’, Porsha.  If you missed the LATEST episode[revisit here]  the two had a HEART TO HEART in Barcelona and even ending the episode HUGGING IT OUT!

So does that mean that all’s well that end’s well with these two?  Are they back friends?  Well NeNe posted this cozy SNAP of the two of them together.


She captioned the photo:

“Work in progress! #babysteps #2angrybitches #bigsis #lilsis#wetrying
And she TAGGED Porsha onto the post… so… it appears FOR NOW that the two are heading back to a GOOD PLACE.

Let’s hope the glue and Scotch tape on this ‘FRIEND CONTRACT’ lasts at least until the reunion, right!? Right.

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