DIM- a poem

via Daily Prompt: Dim


Dim is the cloak that covers me
It shields my eyes
Making the path ahead
Almost impossible to see.

Dim is the glimmer of hope
That escapes your mind’s
Spare time
Spare rhymes
Two dimes
And then still short by 5.
No fare, no ride
So you are left
On the mean sidewalk
Waiting and wishing

Dim is the faint light
Up ahead that has guided your way
Through the darkest of nights
The most brutal of fights
Just a glimmer of hope
As the angry sun
Chased away all uncertainty
But shone the light on your doubts
Can I?
Should I
Will I?

Is the phase before the light
The time right after the fall
The layover to the call
The pit stop before winner takes all.

Dim is
Dim is replaced by shining, glowing
Flashes, splashes of greatness
Touches of bounty
And waves of praise.

Dim is….

—Zam Zhinga

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